Studio Portrait: Klara

She's a natural, obvi. 

Klara's grandma, Mary, reached out to me about shooting a headshot session for Klara so that she could audition for musicals. As I'm typing this, I'm realizing I probably missed an opportunity not singing a killer duet from Fiddler on the Roof with Klara - I've always felt I was a Tevye. Or maybe it's just the facial hair. I feel like the first image [below] is her theoretical reaction to my use of the phrase, "L'chaim!".

I recently realized that my studio is a foot longer on one side (thanks math!), so I rearranged everything to give myself a bit more room. Now I have a really great exposed white wall to shoot on as a backdrop! For this shoot I also decided to try a new technique and shot Klara as she stood in front of my softbox (light) which is why in a couple shots - like the first one - it's that stark, crisp, white background. I love it.