Yoga It's actually genius.

Yoga was new to me. I mean, I've heard of it of course - there's the sweaty version and then the unholy extra sweaty version. It turns out this was the less sweaty one and I think any reasonable person would consider that to be the superior selection in any scenario. 

The event was hosted by Strala Seattle and sponsored by Coors Peak and Seattle Magazine. Everyone was super excited to be there not only for the yoga session but for the cold beer at the end of the stick. I could never hoist my giant meat slabs (ie: my feet) into the air without several laws of gravity being broken, so I just stuck to what I know - photography.  

Everyone hung out afterwards for happy hour while knocking back cold ones, mingling, and munching on Chaco Canyon Cafe apricot sesame bars.  Nom!

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Peace, tranquility, and beer.