New year, new studio, new website, new beard?

The studio is now firing on all cylinders, the website is all abuzz with zeros and ones, and I've got a lot of exciting plans for MattoPhoto in 2016! Here's a few things I've got in the hopper:

  • Making a special mini-session available once a month (!!)
  • Each mini-session will have a new location that I've never shot at before
  • Setting up the referral program by offering 10% off future photo sessions for each referral. This particular marketing campaign makes Dawnielle's Jew senses tingle (actual Jew, calm down). 
  • Equipment! I'm looking into adding some new studio equipment and lights, as well as the endless search for new lenses that I can bring into the collective (We Are The Borg)

Once I mull it over, I'll write a post so everyone can see exactly how the mini-sessions would work. I'm totally 100% open to any suggestions of any awesome locations you might know of - just shoot me an email and I'll check it out! I plan on writing a blog post about what equipment I use and a peek into my home studio for my more curious/nosy followers and clients. 

Lastly, the beard. November is the time of year when people cringe to hear that their significant other is growing a dreaded Novembeard. It's also the time of year when men decide that this is it, this is the year, and they have 30 days to get their Grizzly Adams on - their job in upper-management be damned. For years I've had a neatly trimmed beard or what my father refers to as, "kinda like facial hair". I've never had the opportunity (or courage) to go into full lumberjack mode. This year I dipped my toe into the deep end of the beard pool. That didn't come out quite as I intended, but you get the idea. I plan on keeping the beard healthy, robust, and vigorous in 2016, or at least until Dawnielle throws up the white flag. 

At some point I probably should have had a voice go off in my head that said, "You're maybe taking way too many photos of yourself...with your beard...alone in your studio. Then I began my subtle crossing of the threshold from 'photographer' to 'raging narcissist'." And yet, that didn't stop me.