Where's your base of operations?

Mukilteo, WA (click here to see map)

Where can I see my images?

After your session, I will upload all the raw, unedited images to a private album for you to look at. No, I will not include the one where you are blinking or blurry. 

What's the deal with printing the images?

Included in your session price is a copyright release form which allows you to get your prints wherever you'd like. Of course, I always recommend getting them through me via my website. I say this not just because it's the print lab through my website, but because it really is superior quality to whatever you'd find at a drugstore print lab. They look crisper and cleaner, which is the best way to show them off!

How do I lock down a session with you?

Easy! Email me at hello@mattowensstudios.com  or use the "Contact/Book Now" section to send me a message.  I'll invoice your for a deposit that will secure your time/date.  

I need something photographed that you haven't mentioned on your website, can you do it?

You bet! Just email me and we can go over the details of your project - I'd love to be involved!