Ep. 123 - My Friend Anna

Ep. 42 - My Friend Anna.jpg

In this episode Anna and I talk about carving out time for yourself (without feeling guilty), analysis paralysis, getting lost in the loopy loops, how 1939 was a hot year for movies (probably), the dorkiness of CBS, that one guy from the Walking Dead, that one guy from the Office, judging “fake” people, the awkwardness that is small talk, and the art of not giving a shit.

Ep. 122 - Patience

Ep. 122 - Patience.jpg

In this episode I talk about creating a 5 minute set for my first stand-up comedy open mic(!!), adding a little dash of Russel Brand into my life, and how my lack of control over external events often manifests into impatience and fear.

Ep. 121 - My Friend Don

In this episode we talk about finding a sense of community, my (former) thoughts on Canada, skinny-dipping and male body image issues, finding what physical fitness means to you, how to know if you’re a little too vain, giving yourself a spiritual deep-cleaning, and finally - how to get off your a$$, stop making excuses, and start making some (positive/scary) changes in your life! Don is about to start a new podcast…and it will be amazing. No pressure.

Ep. 120 - My NYC Massage


In this episode I talk about my quest to find a local massage parlor that wouldn't get me arrested, heading to an underground comedy club (literally and figuratively), and I discuss whiffs of urine wafting through the humid summer wind.