Ep. 96 - The Hot Zone

Ep. 96 - The Hot Zone.jpg

In this episode I talk about staying positive even when you are surrounded by a sea of barf.

Ep. 95 - Next Steps


In this episode I talk about how I get a lead foot every time I need to take next steps in my life.

Ep. 93 - Basically Bruce Banner

Ep. 93 - Basically Bruce Banner.jpg

In this episode I talk about fighting with my inner Hulk, cute little circus elephants, and a Looney Tunes parable.

Ep. 84 - Pancakes + Hair

Ep. 84 - Pancakes and Hair.jpg

In this episode I break down some weird anxieties that cropped up for me this week relating to pancakes and…hair.

Ep. 83 - My Friend Joseph

Ep. 83 - My Friend Joseph.jpg

In this episode we talk about holding grudges, being told you’re acting “too white”, what it’s like being gay and in the military, patriotism (or lack thereof), being sexually molested as a child, putting ourselves into little boxes, and how to deal with judgemental atheists and aunts.

Ep. 80 - My Friends Kalie and Shaun

Ep. 80 - My Friends Kalie and Shaun.jpg

In this St. Patrick's Day episode, Kalie and Shaun get drunk in my studio and talk about stuff.

Ep. 79 - My Friend Omari

Ep. 79 - My Friend Omari.jpg

In this episode I talk to my friend Omari about his time in prison, being your true self, the importance of education, how he became a speaker/author, and how he juggles having six (!) kids at home - it gives me gray hairs just thinking about it!

Ep. 77 - Money Filters

(Photo credit: Ashley Pomeroy)

(Photo credit: Ashley Pomeroy)

In this episode I talk about the filters that we have and how they influence our outlook on everything...including money.

Ep. 76 - Shower Epiphanies: The Greatest Week of My Life

Shower Epiphanies.jpg

In this episode I talk about little nuggets of wisdom the universe dropped on me while in the shower and how I'm having the greatest week of my life!

Ep. 75 - My Sister Katie O

Ep. 59 - My Sister Katie O.jpg

In this episode I talk to my sister about the morality of zoos, shaving your legs, finding a job that brings you joy, being flippant about money, and the glorious Jonas Brothers (who may or may not shave their legs for the new tour).